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Social Media Driven B2B Account Based Selling


Transform Your B2B Sales Team into Industry Influencers and Market Specialists in your Family-Owned Enterprise

B2B POWER™ Family-Owned Business Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) in embracing the new era of social media and boosting their B2B sales performance using Account-Based Selling (ABS) tactics. We guide you in:

Impactful Social Media Footprint

Our team of specialists collaborates closely with your sales force to develop an impactful and consistent social media footprint tailored to the distinctive requirements of family-owned enterprises. We aid you in selecting appropriate platforms, generating engaging content, and forming a robust online brand to effectively interact with your target accounts and forge valuable connections.

Evolving Sales Representatives into Market Influencers and Authorities

B2B POWER concentrates on evolving your B2B sales representatives into noteworthy influencers and industry specialists within their respective fields. We offer coaching and support on personal branding, content generation, and social media engagement, enabling your sales representatives to become thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Cultivating Credibility with Potential Accounts

By positioning your sales representatives as influencers and authorities, we help you cultivate credibility with potential accounts. This credibility encourages stronger connections with crucial decision-makers, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and sales accomplishments. We support you in nurturing these connections through customized and captivating social media interactions.

Utilizing Social Media for Lead Generation

We equip you with the tools and methodologies needed to efficiently utilize social media for lead generation. By employing targeted content and engaging with potential accounts across various platforms, your sales representatives can identify, establish contact with, and nurture leads, leading to improved results and enhanced overall performance.

Unlock the Potential of Account-Based Selling on Social Media for your Family-Owned Enterprise!

Collaborate with B2B POWER to evolve your sales team into influential market specialists, establish credibility with potential accounts, and propel sales accomplishments in the dynamic world of social media.

Are you prepared to transform your B2B sales performance in your family-owned enterprise with Account-Based Selling on social media? Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation and explore how B2B POWER’s services can help you reach your business objectives.

Why Choose US

B2B Social Selling Expertise!

Customized Approach

We provide tailored solutions designed to address the distinctive needs and goals of your family-owned enterprise.

Tested Strategies

Our emphasis on evolving sales representatives into influencers and authorities enables you to establish credibility with potential accounts and achieve improved results.

B2B POWER boasts a team of professionals with vast experience in executing Account-Based Selling approaches on social media for B2B sales in family-owned enterprises.

Ongoing Support

We offer continuous assistance and direction to ensure your sales representatives consistently excel as industry experts and influencers on social media.

Sales Accomplishments

Our services aid you in leveraging social media for lead capture, propelling sales accomplishments and contributing to the overall expansion of your family-owned enterprise.

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